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Daemon Rutledge | CEO | Circle Consulting Agency LLC

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So how does a dental practice use brand marketing to their advance?

We like to give a few specific principles

TIP # 1 – I can’t express how much reputation is critical ­ patients want to know they’re in good hands and these days they really research online to find out what type of reputation your practice has. Syndicate your great reviews there can never be too much praise!

TIP #2 – ­Make sure you always have engaging, and fresh, content to keep people excited about your newest services.
Remind them of all services offered and let they know about anything great that’s happening in your practice or your next exciting community event

TIP #3 – ­­Location and flexibility ­ reinforce your local proximity and how flexible your hours of operation are. Patients want to know that they have a dentist that is available when needed and that they are closeby.

We specialize in helping dental practices use brand marketing to get more patients.

Those that want to learn more can go to where they can receive a free Hollywood style reputation commercial, and marketing budget template, when they schedule a 30 minute consultation, total value of over $2997 dollars.

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